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Disappointing form

FM Screenshot of the Day, #102

I don’t know what the hell that predictor says about, but if Hereford Reserves’ form can be count as disappointing, then I am Roy Keane! What result would be expected as good then?! This FM Screenshot with bug I’ve found at SI forums and I think it […]

Goal from nowhere

FM Screenshot of the Day, #99

Football Manager provide us with detailed statistics of the games you play. But sometimes it can lie. For example take a deep look at today’s FM screenshot of the Day. Notice that right def of my team scored a goal, but according to detailed stats, he made […]

Sub players at pitch

FM Screenshot of the Day, #87

Football Manager has a lot of fun bugs. That’s normal, because FM is a big and complicated game. So, it’s endless source of fun screenies for you at my blog 🙂 Here’s one more, found at SI forums. As you can see from the screenshot, there […]

Late Community Shield

FM Screenshot of the Day, #85

As you know, Community Shield is playing before the start of Premier League season. But as we can see from this screenshot, in Football Manager this rule sometimes doesn’t work. Another bug? Or just a coincidence? Nobody knows that.

Click to […]

Two keepers

FM Screenshot of the Day, #79

How about 2 keepers standing in the goal at one time? Of course, it’s easier to catch the ball, but it’s out of football rules 🙂 This fun screenshot from Neoseeker FM forums shows us that this kind of fun can be met in Football Manager. […]

“Washing up” attribute in FM

FM Screenshot of the Day, #77

You’ll be surprised to know that in Championship Manager 4 was fun skill named “Washing up”. Due to some mistake it’s appeared in the final version of the game 🙂 Next patch replaced it with the “Crossing” attribute, but the screenshot of this bug still please […]

UEFA coefficients bug

FM Screenshot of the Day, #75

Take a look at this screenshot from CM01-02. Isn’t it strange to see Northern Ireland on the bottom of the table? Below Andorra, San Marino and Faroe Islands. And what is more strange is that they have no one team playing in UEFA cups. In real […]

Penalty bug in FM

FM Screenshot of the Day, #69

Here’s very strange bug about penalty in Football Manager. As you can see from report shown at screenshot below, my forward was going to shoot a penalty but half-time whistle has interrupted this action. What a dubious decision! I’m glad I won this game anyway, but […]

Ukrainian media in Brazil

FM Screenshot of the Day, #67

Not long time ago I was managing ukrainian club and Brazil national football team at one time. And at press conference before my first game for Brazil I’ve seen such a strange bug. Can you imagine no one journalist from Brazil media at press conference before Brazil game? 🙂


Record age bug in FM2011!

FM Screenshot of the Day, #63

What a bug! I’ve seen a bug in previous versions of FM which used the year of 1900 but the age shown has never been so big! I’m sure you agree with me that it’s a record age bug in FM2011. I even couldn’t imagine such a […]