August 2018
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Incredible Eto'o

FM Screenshot of the Day, #141

Samuel Eto’o is incredible goal machine. Even when he played for Mallorca, he was scoring goals with ease. He’s one of the best football players in the world for years and of course he does the same in FM. I’ve got one more confirmation of this when I […]

Just shoot to score

FM Screenshot of the Day, #137

Once playing CM03-04, I had great career with Harrogate Town. And here’s one of screenshots from that save. Sometimes the number of your shots on target is less than the number of goals. It happens when in addition to goals you scored footballer from the other team hit […]

Multiple hat-tricks

FM Screenshot of the Day, #125

Every manager had FM games when his team score hat-trick. Some of them had games with 2 hat-tricks, some possibly even had game with 3. But here’s the recordsman from SI Forums who had achieved a better result. Records of Football Manager still impress me very much. Can […]

New Ukrainian records

FM Screenshot of the Day, #100

It’s a great day today. “FM Screenshot of the Day” section has reached its 100th post. Of course, I wasn’t posting Football Manager screenshots every day but at least I was trying to do my best to provide all of you guys with screenshots worth attention. There was […]

100 days

FM Screenshot of the Day, #76

Have you ever had FM savegame with playing time of 100 days in total? I suppose, you haven’t. Then take a look at screenshot with original game status that can be achieved by playing more than hundred days. Nice to get congratulations from SI Interactive, eh? 🙂

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Your statue in FM

FM Screenshot of the Day, #71

Do you know that you can get your own statue in Football Manager? I found such a screenshot in FM2010 thread at What a delight to find out unexpected artifacts in the game you think you know for 100%!

Here’s another screenshot, found by me at  It […]

5 things that every FM gamer should do

There are some things that every Football Manager gamer should do during his FM experience. No matter how long is your FM career, but I’m sure you thought about at list one of the things from this list. So, what are the things that every FM gamer should do? Here they are.

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