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Goalkeeper for subs

FM Screenshot of the Day, #130

Not only SI Forums or Neoseeker Forums has fun Football Manager screenshots. Dugout forums, for example, also has a lot of fun, bug and interesting FM screenies that worth our attention. For example, today’s screenshot is one of such a pics. Some players have reputation as players […]

Free Fabregas

FM Screenshot of the Day, #129

Sometimes in Football Manager you can see events that happen on rare occassions in real life. For example, famous coach training small football club or surprise european cup winner. Today’s FM screenshot that I’ve met at Neoseeker forums is the one from such category. It shows us […]

Unique gametime

FM Screenshot of the Day, #128

Once upon a time playing at CM01-02 I had such strange gametime. I’m sure it’s all-time record for one savegame in CM 🙂 If it wasn’t a bug, related to system time in Windows that reset down, I could become famous 🙂 But I’m glad I haven’t […]

Abnormal wage

FM Screenshot of the Day, #127

Cristiano Ronaldo receives 1 million euros monthly wage in Real Madrid. It’s totally abnormal wage, in my opinion. But Josh Lambo, goalkeeper of Bristol City, whose FM screenshot posted below, also has wage that surprises me. Please notice how much is it. It’s a minus value! As […]

CM97-98 nostalgia

FM Screenshot of the Day, #126

CM97-98 was great football manager. Despite its weaknesses, that we see now, comparing it to other games of its genre, CM97-98 was impressive in its features, game comments and players database. I’ll surely make an article about this game that took months of my time and get […]

Multiple hat-tricks

FM Screenshot of the Day, #125

Every manager had FM games when his team score hat-trick. Some of them had games with 2 hat-tricks, some possibly even had game with 3. But here’s the recordsman from SI Forums who had achieved a better result. Records of Football Manager still impress me very much. […]

Tight calendar

FM Screenshot of the Day, #124

Sometimes your fixtures calendar in FM becomes very tight. A lot of local championship games, cup games, european cup games and international ones can mix into a calendar like this. I’ve found it at SI Forums and it’s another great FM screenie worth your attention. Have you […]

Jordan goalscorer

FM Screenshot of the Day, #123

SI Forums are full of extremely fun FM screenshots. For example, this one posted below. Guy is rapidly closing all-time international goals record for his country that is 4 for now. And it’s sounds normal…until you’ll notice the number of his current goals at international stage. Just […]

Greedy board

FM Screenshot of the Day, #122

FM-Serbia posted today wonderful Football Manager screenshot that I want to share. What would you say if you get board message about stadium expansion? I bet you’ll be extremely happy. But don’t hurry, because in case like this your board can be extremely greedy… 😉

Faithful De Gea

FM Screenshot of the Day, #121

Today’s Football Manager screenshot from SI Forums shows us faithful De Gea. It seems like goalkeeper spent all his career in one club, isn’t it? Even if he had no serious injuries and played regularly, 963 appearances for the first team is still impressive number. Have you […]