May 2010
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Goalmaker Derdiyok

FM Screenshot of the Day, #53

I’ve never met a situation in Football Manager when all three goals in “Goal of the week” competition were scored by one player in one match. But all stuff sometimes happens at the first time. Here he is, Eren Derdiyok!

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Screenshot #53 – […]

Bad karma

FM Screenshot of the Day, #52

It was unlucky day for van der Vaart. As he came to the field, he immediately had to came out. Bad karma? 🙂

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Screenshot #52 – “Bad karma”

When the fans are lying

FM Screenshot of the Day, #51

Looks like fans are lying saying that there’s nothing better than beating your rivals. I can’t believe that!

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Screenshot #51 – “When the fans are lying”

Low attendance

FM Screenshot of the Day, #50

Low attendance isn’t a rare thing in Football Manager. But I can’t imagine a situation in real life when such an attendance will be at the game of Arsenal!

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Screenshot #50 – “Low attendance”

Forever young

FM Screenshot of the Day, #49

Maybe it’s such a rule that a couple of old players could play for the U-23 squad, but I’m not sure. This FM screenie is a weird one, I think.

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Screenshot #49 – “Forever young”

Trustful sponsor

FM Screenshot of the Day, #48

I’ve never seen such a trustful sponsor. Do you think it’s another Football Manager bug or just rare thing?

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Screenshot #48 – “Trustful sponsor”

Extraordinary FM bug

FM Screenshot of the Day, #47

I think this is highly weird and extraordinate Football Manager bug! Game without one of the teams – could it be possible? I think this is a record score in FM, isn’t it? 🙂

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Screenshot #47 – “Extraordinary FM bug”

Crazy Given

FM Screenshot of the Day, #46

Shay Given is trying to resolve differences with himself. Maybe he’s another Mr.Jekyll and Hyde? 🙂

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Screenshot # 46 – “Crazy Given”

Old schoolboy

FM Screenshot of the Day, #45

Fun club name makes its 29-year old footballer an old schoolboy 🙂

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Screenshot #45 – “Old schoolboy”


FM Screenshot of the Day, #44

Do you believe this FM screenie is a real one? It’s hard to believe. Maybe it’s another Football Manager bug?

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FM Screenshot #44 – “Messages”