December 2011
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Surprising draw

FM Screenshot of the Day, #111

I was always thinking that draw result is an even one. But this Football Manager screenshot shows us that sometimes draw can be different 🙂 What a surprising result for a draw, isn’t it?

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Screenshot #111 – “Surprising draw”

Too young, too tall

FM Screenshot of the Day, #109

Some Football Manager screenshots are fun because of its strangeness. Today’s screenie that I’ve found at SI forums is one of such a kind. At the first glance this guy is a usual young footballer of 15 years old. But if you pay attention to his attributes you’ll […]

Forever young

FM Screenshot of the Day, #108

Makaay is a quality player and he plays like he’s much younger than he is. Seems like I’m not the only one who thinks so. As you see, Roy Makaay has won Dutch Young Player of the Year award. Oh, yes, being 34-years old 🙂 Is it Football […]

Mighty Demichelis

FM Screenshot of the Day, #107

If you like all those rare surprises hidden inside Football Manager as well as I, then today’s screenshot is for you. Check out “Strengths” of Martin Demichelis and you’ll be surprised of what it says 🙂 Guys, I love this game! 😉

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Screenshot […]

FM News, Issue 4, 27.12.2011

Merry Christmas was the main event this week and Sports Interactive surprised us with a couple of presents 🙂 At the first, we’ve got festive FM cover made especially for Christmas. And at the second, a special Christmas achievement become available at Steam just for 3 days. Not everyone could get it, but […]

List of Football Manager Podcasts

List of Football Manager Podcasts

Growing FM Community creates more content with every year. And in my opinion, one of the most impressive and interesting things on FM Scene are podcasts about Football Manager. Due to the fact that numerous podcasts aren’t listed in one place, I decided to make its catalogue. Meet List […]

Ambitious expectations

FM Screenshot of the Day, #106

Have you ever seen board with ambitious expectations like ones at this Football Manager screenshot? I even couldn’t imagine Portsmouth board is so optimistic one 🙂 They possibly needs Mourinho to be sure to achieve this plan. Or any usual FM cheater 😉 A fun screenie, in my […]

Fun Barcelona

FM Screenshot of the Day, #105

I want to show you FM picture that I’ve found googling for FM images. It was some site that I don’t remember already and it’s not so funny but original. Just take a look at those pics of footballers located at the field. This Football Manager screenshot owner […]

New formation in FM

FM Screenshot of the Day, #104

Here’s another FM Screenshot from Sports Interactive forums. What a strange preferred formation, isn’t it? Seems like there’s more available tactics formation in Football Manager that we know 😉 As I understand, this formation means that no players are used at all in central line, just DMs and […]

XMas FM2012 Achievement!

Hurry on to get newest achievement. XMas FM2012 achievement will be available just 3 days, till Monday 26th. All you have to do is…think a bit and get it! 😉 That’s not too hard to get, I’m sure you’ll get it as fast as I did.