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5 things that every FM gamer should do

There are some things that every Football Manager gamer should do during his FM experience. No matter how long is your FM career, but I’m sure you thought about at list one of the things from this list. So, what are the things that every FM gamer should do? Here they are.

5 things every FM gamer should do

1. Create yourself as a player.

If you’re not a real football player, then you would like to add yourself as a player in the database. Haven’t I said “Superb player”? Well, I meant that. Which one of you doesn’t want to see yourself playing like Wayne Rooney or Frank Lampard? Football Manager provides you with such an opportunity. Just go to Game Editor and create yourself as a legendary player. And don’t be ashamed – most of us did the same.

2. Achieve the stadium named in your honor.

That’s wonderful opportunity of Football Manager which rewarded for long success period at one club. If you want to see the stadium with your name, then prepare for the long career in one club. The ideal situation is to take some underdog club which you like. After long period of success, with trophies like Champions Cup you’ll probably be rewarded with the stadium that will be your proud. You can print the screenshot with this info and hang it on a wall, for example 🙂 Of course, your granny will not appreciate it, but you will do 😉

3. Win all possible trophies in one season.

The best achievement that nobody will beat. Of course it can be repeated but no one will be able to achieve more. Win local Championship, domestic Cup, domestic Super Cup, European Super Cup, Champions League, World Club Championship plus World Cup to get maximum result in a season. And don’t cheat!

4. Fill your starting eleven with the regens from Youth Academy.

Many managers have desire to do so, but when they achieve maximum potential of their academy situation changes. They regularly get good regens but expectations of board and supporters are so high that manager can’t allow himself to risk involving too much young newbies into a starting eleven. Well, at least you can try to do so. That should be very good story, as it seems to me.

5. Complete championship season without a loss.

That’s not so hard to complete but it still requires high managerial skills and a bit of luck. Even the strongest teams can lost some games in a championship. Penalties, red cards, referee mistakes in one game can ruin your attempts to pass the season without any losses. So you need to work hard to achieve it, but getting this thing done can make you VERY proud.

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