August 2018
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Lowest average rating

FM Screenshot of the Day, #149

Here’s the lowest rating I’ve seen in FM. A person in a game or two can receive low ratings, but in this case extremely low rating is a results of 12 games played by footballer! What a weak player he should be?

Of course, it’s a bug. […]

FMH bug

FM Screenshot of the Day, #148

PSP version of Football Manager also has some bugs. Today’s screenshot confirms this fact. Notice that goalkeeper has conceded 4 goals in his 6 games for Castilla, but in his career’s stats you can see that he played 41 games. Of course, conceding just 4 goals in 41 […]

Tireless Neymar

FM Screenshot of the Day, #144

I don’t know if it’s a bug or not but it seems strange to me that after 90 mins of game Neymar still was at 99% of his condition. He scored a goal and made assist, he was active as the only forward of home team, and he […]

Unique gametime

FM Screenshot of the Day, #128

Once upon a time playing at CM01-02 I had such strange gametime. I’m sure it’s all-time record for one savegame in CM 🙂 If it wasn’t a bug, related to system time in Windows that reset down, I could become famous 🙂 But I’m glad I haven’t become […]

Abnormal wage

FM Screenshot of the Day, #127

Cristiano Ronaldo receives 1 million euros monthly wage in Real Madrid. It’s totally abnormal wage, in my opinion. But Josh Lambo, goalkeeper of Bristol City, whose FM screenshot posted below, also has wage that surprises me. Please notice how much is it. It’s a minus value! As I […]

No need to win?

FM Screenshot of the Day, #118

According to this fun Football Manager screenshot from SI forums, some of your players say one kind of things while meaning something other in mind. For example, talking to win all of remaining games and then saying that you don’t need to win at all. What a duplicitious […]

Aliens in Football Manager

FM Screenshot of the Day, #116

I want to tell you a secret: there are aliens in Football Manager! Of course, everybody think I’m crazy but I know they exist! Those green small creatures can be met sometimes when you’re very careful looking around you. Others aren’t so attentive as I am, that’s why […]

Cheating club

FM Screenshot of the Day, #112

Here’s one of my Football Manager screenshots that I like the most. Once playing in one of previous versions of FM in Wales I noticed club that cheated in national cup. He played 2 games instead of one, and won both. That would be fun if it’ll be […]

Surprising draw

FM Screenshot of the Day, #111

I was always thinking that draw result is an even one. But this Football Manager screenshot shows us that sometimes draw can be different 🙂 What a surprising result for a draw, isn’t it?

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Screenshot #111 – “Surprising draw”

Forever young

FM Screenshot of the Day, #108

Makaay is a quality player and he plays like he’s much younger than he is. Seems like I’m not the only one who thinks so. As you see, Roy Makaay has won Dutch Young Player of the Year award. Oh, yes, being 34-years old 🙂 Is it Football […]