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Record of cleared debts

FM Screenshot of the Day, #150

It’s time to show you something interesting and original. I have a number of FM screenshots that belong to easter eggs of Football Manager, but I plan to make a separate post for all of them, so I have to show you something else. Today’s screenie is also […]

Referee dismissal

FM Screenshot of the Day, #147

Here’s another one rare screen of FM present since CM. If you ever complained to Football Assosiation about referee that victimize your team, then you’ll like this screenie, because it show us that referee can also be dismissed as a result of your words! Almost always FA answers […]

CM01-02 Wallpaper

FM Screenshot of the Day, #145

Have you seen CM/FM wallpapers? I don’t know if there’s any other ones but this one is definitely the best. Released more than 10 years ago, it still reflects thoughts of football manager fans – favourite game plus hot babe 🙂

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February 6th, 2012 | Tags: , | Category: Screenshot of the day | 3 comments

El Classico in Champions League

FM Screenshot of the Day, #142

At today’s screenshot you can see El Classico in 3rd qualifying round of Champions League. And it’s a bug, in my opinion. As I know, two teams from the same country can’t play against each other in qualifying rounds of CL, isn’t it? If it’s true, then it’s […]

Unique gametime

FM Screenshot of the Day, #128

Once upon a time playing at CM01-02 I had such strange gametime. I’m sure it’s all-time record for one savegame in CM 🙂 If it wasn’t a bug, related to system time in Windows that reset down, I could become famous 🙂 But I’m glad I haven’t become […]

Record debt in football manager

FM Screenshot of the Day, #78

I know that many of you, my rich friends, have experience of managing extremely rich club in Football Manager. But what about the other size of the coin?  Have you ever seen a club with such a debt like this? I stepped down from the most successful club […]

UEFA coefficients bug

FM Screenshot of the Day, #75

Take a look at this screenshot from CM01-02. Isn’t it strange to see Northern Ireland on the bottom of the table? Below Andorra, San Marino and Faroe Islands. And what is more strange is that they have no one team playing in UEFA cups. In real life I […]

You received ?0

FM Screenshot of the Day, #74

I’ve posted screenshot from CM01-02 yesterday. We’ll, here’s another one. Usually money, received as a part of the transfer, make you happier. But this case can make you totally angry, because you receive nothing 🙂

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Screenshot #74 – “You received ?0”

Mega stadium of Borussia D

FM Screenshot of the Day, #22

If you’ll be playing CM01/02 for a very long time, you may find out that AI has greatly increased capacity of the stadium of Borussia Dortmund. That’s the only team from top clubs that got such a present. Impressive screenshot.

Screenshot #22 – “CM0102 borussia stadium”