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FMH bug

FM Screenshot of the Day, #148

PSP version of Football Manager also has some bugs. Today’s screenshot confirms this fact. Notice that goalkeeper has conceded 4 goals in his 6 games for Castilla, but in his career’s stats you can see that he played 41 games. Of course, conceding just 4 goals in 41 […]

Tireless Neymar

FM Screenshot of the Day, #144

I don’t know if it’s a bug or not but it seems strange to me that after 90 mins of game Neymar still was at 99% of his condition. He scored a goal and made assist, he was active as the only forward of home team, and he […]

Invaluable Messi

In addition to my previous post, here is screenshot of Messi transfer to Real Madrid. He was used as AMC, and all tactics of Real was set up to help Neymar score so much goals as possible – that’s why Leo has so much goals scored during season. 60 millions pounds is the […]

Messi vs Barcelona

FM Screenshot of the Day, #135

Here’s another Football Manager screenie from my current FM2012 career. Can you imagine Leo Messi scoring against Barcelona? Not in real world, but FM allows you to met the most fantastic things in football. So, here’s Mr.Three Golden Balls scoring goal at net of Cules 🙂

Too much Barcelona

FM Screenshot of the Day, #90

If you’re a fan of Barcelona or Real Madrid, you should like such a start of the season. 4 El Classico in a row is a fantastic delicacy for any football gourmet. This PSP FM screenie confirms that rivalry can met some times in a row! 🙂

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Forever young

FM Screenshot of the Day, #49

Maybe it’s such a rule that a couple of old players could play for the U-23 squad, but I’m not sure. This FM screenie is a weird one, I think.

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Screenshot #49 – “Forever young”

FM is now available on iPhone and iPod Touch!

Good news are coming: since today Football Manager 2010 is available on iPhone and iPod Touch. Also known as Handheld version, it’ll bring you all main features of original FM2010 for only ?6.99.

Developed by Sports Interactive, Football Manager Handheld 2010 brings the unrivalled realism of the critically acclaimed Football Manager series to the iPhone and […]