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Money injection

FM Screenshot of the Day, #140

One of the best thing in Football Manager that every manager like is money injection. I’ve understood it today when I got a messages shown at these screenshots. That’s definitely one of cool small features of FM that happens occasionally and add realism to the game. As […]

Surprise from Ford United

FM Screenshot of the Day, #139

Football club Ford United surprised me once so I made this CM screenshot. He decided to buy player named… Ford! 🙂 Now imagine newspaper headlines: “Ford to score first goal for Ford”, “Ford is proud with Ford” and “Supporters’ player of the season for Ford is Ford!”. […]

Lucky me

FM Screenshot of the Day, #138

In addition to yesterday’s screenshot, here’s another one from the same CM03-04 savegame. It was the most lucky game of mine club and besides of that it happened in Champions League match. I’ve done no shots on goals at all to Benfica but I won with big […]

Just shoot to score

FM Screenshot of the Day, #137

Once playing CM03-04, I had great career with Harrogate Town. And here’s one of screenshots from that save. Sometimes the number of your shots on target is less than the number of goals. It happens when in addition to goals you scored footballer from the other team […]

Pessimist footballer

FM Screenshot of the Day, #136

Meet the most pessimist football player in the world. He doesn’t like the team, he doesn’t want to train, he lost confidence in manager and he is totally depressed. The only thing he want is to leave the club. Do you want to have such a player […]

Messi vs Barcelona

FM Screenshot of the Day, #135

Here’s another Football Manager screenie from my current FM2012 career. Can you imagine Leo Messi scoring against Barcelona? Not in real world, but FM allows you to met the most fantastic things in football. So, here’s Mr.Three Golden Balls scoring goal at net of Cules 🙂

Countries to choose

FM Screenshot of the Day, #134

Usually a player has one nationality. Sometimes one can get second nationality after playing some years in other country. But the guy from today’s FM screenshot beat everybody in multinationality skill 🙂 He’s eligible to play for Brazil, Spain, Italy ang England. How can it be, do you have […]

Giving a head start

FM Screenshot of the Day, #133

Some fotoball managers count themself so strong that allow a situation like one described at this FM screenshot. It seems that Hercules manager decided to give a head start to Malaga by deciding to start game with 10 men instead of 11 🙂 What a self-confidence, isn’t […]

Ronaldo praises Messi

FM Screenshot of the Day, #132

Just take a look at Cristiano Ronaldo praising Messi. Can you believe it could happen in real life? I’m doubt of it 😉 Well, Football Manager sometimes makes us smiling at this screenshot is one of such a cases. Of course, CR9 and Messi are most notable […]

Eternal captain

FM Screenshot of the Day, #131

When captain of your team retires, you have to choose a new one. Find the player who fits this role in the best way and make him a new captain. But what if footballer who retired was ideal captain that your team could have? Today’s Football Manager […]