August 2018
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Patch 11.2 released!

Sports Interactive released 2nd patch for Football Manager 2011.  Thanks to SI for making serious updates to the game so fast. As I remember, a year ago the updates for FM2010 were released much less faster.

Here are list of changes, taken from SI forums.

Record age bug in FM2011!

FM Screenshot of the Day, #63

What a bug! I’ve seen a bug in previous versions of FM which used the year of 1900 but the age shown has never been so big! I’m sure you agree with me that it’s a record age bug in FM2011. I even couldn’t imagine such a screenshot. […]

Unlucky Valencia

FM Screenshot of the Day, #62

Probably it’s not the most lucky month for Valencia. All three best goals of the month were scored by its opponent in one game. What a shame to Valencia’s keeper!

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Screenshot #62 – “Unlucky Valencia”

Successful? Sacked!

FM Screenshot of the Day, #61

It’s a typical bug of FM2011, but sometimes such a things happen in real life. For example, sacking Newcastle’s manager some days ago was a story like this. Maybe the boss of Plymouth is the same crazy person like Mike Ashley? I have no other logical reasons to […]

Self-critical footballer

FM Screenshot of the Day, #60

Footballers sometimes can be very self-critical persons. Here’s an example from Football Manager 2011. This guy looks funny recommending to drop himself out, isn’t he? 🙂 I don’t think such a situation could happen in real life.

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Screenshot #60 – “Self-critical […]

Fantastic FM2011 Trophy Room

It looks so beautiful that I want to share this screenie with you. This new look of Trophy Room looks even better than you could imagine, isn’t it? Just brilliant. SI really improves all the stuff that are a part of FM game. Happy to see that.

Strange ball throw place

Do you looking for FM2011 screenshots? Then you got to right place, because I’m starting to post screenshots from the latest Football Manager version. Of course, I’ll continue uploading screenshots from other FM versions as well. I’m sure that Football Manager 2011 screenshots will present us another portion of bugs, fun situations and […]