August 2018
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Record of cleared debts

FM Screenshot of the Day, #150

It’s time to show you something interesting and original. I have a number of FM screenshots that belong to easter eggs of Football Manager, but I plan to make a separate post for all of them, so I have to show you something else. Today’s screenie is also […]

New Ukrainian records

FM Screenshot of the Day, #100

It’s a great day today. “FM Screenshot of the Day” section has reached its 100th post. Of course, I wasn’t posting Football Manager screenshots every day but at least I was trying to do my best to provide all of you guys with screenshots worth attention. There was […]


FM Screenshot of the Day, #40

How much penalties scored by one player in one game had you seen? Watch this!

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Screenshot #40 – “Penalties”

Pack of goals plus Babbel's benefit

FM Screenshot of the Day, #32

As you remember, I posted a screenshot with 8 goals scored by Benzema. But today’s FM Screenshot of the Day includes not only 8 goals scored by the player but also 5 goals scored by the other side. Wow, what a game!

Who do you think become Man Of the Match? […]

High-scoring draw game

FM Screenshot of the Day, #29

That’s one of my unique screenshots. I’ve never seen a draw game with bigger number of scored goals. I was playing for Druids and taking in mind red card shown to my player, I was very happy to save this game. A real thriller!

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Longest game status

FM Screenshot of the Day, #27

Well, maybe there are statuses in FM games which are longer than these ones, who knows. But anyway these two impress a lot, aren’t they? 🙂

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Screenshot #26 – “Longest game status”

FM Screenshot of the Day, #17

Here’s unbelievable comeback from Bayern in the semi-final of the Champions League. Oh, Great Random of FM, you present us sometimes such a fantastic results!

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Screenshot #17 – “FM unbelievable comeback”