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10 sites that I want to see at FM Scene

When I decided to create Catalogue of Football Manager sites, I even didn’t expect there are so many of them. Howewer, a lot of them isn’t in english that narrows number of readers that can enjoy their content. But FM Scene is still missing quality sites with special features. Here are list of […]

5 things that every FM gamer should do

There are some things that every Football Manager gamer should do during his FM experience. No matter how long is your FM career, but I’m sure you thought about at list one of the things from this list. So, what are the things that every FM gamer should do? Here they are.

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Italiano? Chianese!

FM Screenshot of the Day, #68

Am I the only one thinking that this is a funny name for Italian footballer? Chianese sounds quite fun, IMHO. Do you agree with me?

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Screenshot #68 – “Italiano? Chianese!”

Play old save games

Every FM gamer sometimes gets tired of playing his current Football Manager game. Especially when you’re losing important game which you expected to win easily or when your team unexpectedly begins to lose games one by one without logical reasons. Or when your game stats are similar to these ones

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Let's start

Have you ever wanted to look at funny FM screenshots? Read about hot FM news? Find out new skins, tactics, db’s? Read articles about new possibilities that FM can give to you? That’s what my blog was made for. Most of FM blogs are concentrate on stories which are similar to each other. […]